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How is this handbag and dress?

Http://www.dailyshop.com/handbags-women-… do you think this handbag looks good togther with this dress Http://www.dailyshop.com/beach-dresses-s… . Do they match.

Posted by Richard

This handbag and dress looks beautiful,fashion and popular evernywhere.but I fine more beautiful and fashion handbags in Http://www.bagtreeok.com . There are thousands of handbags in that website, good quality with good price.

A dream question about stolen handbags?

What does my dream mean when I leave my 2 handbags in the shop, but take the kitten shopping with me……but when I get back my handbags have been stolen??

Posted by Simm

Handbags could represent you persona. After all, everything that is you is in the handbag

when the handbag is stolen, part of you is stolen as well, so you may be feelings loos of self-esteem.


I'm looking for a new handbag that isnt super expenisive(like $70 or less) I like big handbags, if you have any suggestions of places i should look they would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Annabelle

Here are two places to look:

#1 … Http://www.handbags.com (just for ideas)

For a gigantic selection (more than 100 purse designers/brands), go here:

#2 … Http://www.ebags.com/handbags/department…

eBags brands (under $70) include Kipling, Guess, Diesel, Ashley M, Madison, Tommy Hilfiger, De Nada, The Sak, Via Nova, Helen E. Riegle, Bagtique, Sydney Love, Susan Nicole, Rampage, Liz Claiborne, Backyard Oaks and many more. Many well known brands, and designers from the streets of NYC to San Francisco (on the streets).

These are "oversized" handbags: Http://www.ebags.com/handbags/50_to_69_9…

Here are some more big bags, in the price range you are looking for. Look at the bag shots on models to get an idea for size: Http://www.ebags.com/handbags/50_to_69_9…

I work at eBags. :-) So … Here's a discount if you want to save more: Http://www.ebags.com/friends/jon

There are other websites you can look at too, like Shoes.com. I am certain a good place to start, though, is eBags.

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